Monday, November 3, 2008

Living on Less or What's a Budget?

I have no idea how to budget. I have said this before but let me repeat myself. I just do not know how to do it. I always seems to NEED something; a pair of pants, a dress, new control arms on my car, $300.00 to pay for my pet sitter...the list goes on. I know that using credit is bad so I just spend what I have. Hello? Where is savings?

Food is so high. Gasoline has come down thank God. I still eat. Bob eats. Booey eats. OMG the stray eats. Stamps need to be bought. Medication can't be overlooked.

I bought draft dodgers, down throws, turned the heat down, got a sweater. I am trying to do my part but how do I budget? How do I save for the rainy day things like these control arms and even the pet sitter? I am such a loser. I really am too old to be so dumb about money. There must be a way to teach an old broad new tricks.

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