My Craft Space

My mom's hutch turned into a craft holder.
She would have LOVED this!

Glitter, Perfect Pearls, Alcohol Inks and Re-inker's

A small smattering of my wood mounted stamps that made the
trip to Florida.  A few I unmounted and used Aleene's Tack It
Over and Over to make them sticky... well some are TOO sticky!

A few embellishments and a curtain rod holding some of
my small paper punches.  Also, a basket of completed cards.

This is the table I have to put up then down every day.  I either have
it up high so that I sit on my bed or low so I am towering over it as I
sit and stamp.  On it is the catch all turn table that Bob bought me... I LOVE it!
It really is one of my favorite things because it holds all that I need right at hand.

My bed serves as the catch all.  I have bins under the bed and
I take things from it when I start stamping and place them on the bed. Then
at night before bed I have to put all of it away again.

These great shelves are Marta Stewart.  They come unassembled and are
simple to put together.  One thing I really like is that I can pull the shelf right
out and take it to my table with the ink right on it.  I grant you it is like a balancing act
but it works for me!  On top are my large punches.

I have two of these Martha Stewart shelves back to back holding
my inks.  I finally got them all labeled so it is easier to see what inks I have.  I
keep my BigShot there on to of the paper cutter I HATE.  Just recently Bob got me
a Fiskar's guillotine cutter that works great.

My 8 x 11 paper that is not under the bed unorganized, is in this
file cabinet.  One of my favorite go to white papers is the
Recollection's 120 pound.  I like it a lot!

These little shelves holding my Copic's are just awesome. I got them online
a few years ago and they are perfect for separating my Copic's and have a
couple places to stash some extra tape and glue sticks. I them here; Studio 3 Solutions
Above the shelves are some holders I got
at Tuesday Morning to hold my Distress pads.  I notice that there are two
empty shelves.  Key is.. put things back when you are done!

This is a desk.  I have yet to uncover it enough to use as a desk.
Every night during pick up time the desk gets re-piled.
I have lost hope that I will ever have a usable space.

This is my workspace.  It is the table that I put up and take down
and it does work fairly well.  If I am using a large stamp that I need to
really press down on, I move to a more solid spot.  See that gray mat? Martha Stewart.. from Michael's.  When I bought it I came home to discover I had a package of three as
they had not unpacked them to sell separately.  Honest me.. took two back.

My Christmas stamps are in a big plastic bag and word stamps in the
plastic bin. No organization there!

When the desk is full just pile up plastic bins and, desk!

My unmounted stamps are on sheets.  I have no idea what is where and need to
get things straightened out.  I can't find a thing!

This drawer holds embossing folders and other Big Shot stuff.

I love this little watercolor set from Michael's.. under $5.00!

I took advice from Jennifer McGuire who suggested
buying the inks in small pads.  I am finding the ones I
really like.  Hero Arts are great but I LOVE ColorBox Dye too.

Oh lookie...organization!

Oh, these are the stamps that are on those white sheets.  But, where?

All of my dies are in this little notebook.  It only works if you close
the rings before you move the notebook.  What a mess they are in today.

Spellbinders on magnetic paper sheets in plastic sleeves.

This LOOKS like I have things under control.


  1. I love the way you have a majority of it organized! Definitely better than I would have done! (BTW, it's Patty C from FB!)

  2. I'm in love with your punches! One more reason I wish we lived craft together!

  3. Oh Annie.. that would be so much fun!!! Melissa would need to be there too. You could teach me to crochet so I could have a yarn corner!!!

  4. Lots, and lots, and lots of toys and goodies to play with in this room, Mary!! And still room for me to sleep in that bed if I come over for a sleep over!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. You have done an amazing job of finding great storage solutions for your supplies - using the space you have! I am impressed!!! Having to take down your table at the end of each day is difficult, but on the plus side, you start with a clean work space each morning. Was this stuff you brought from your craft room at home, or did you need to get all new stuff? And did the people at Michaels at least say thank you for your honesty?! You are awesome!!

  6. Love the lazy susans and the hutch! You've got some great goodies in that room!


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