Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flashing lights

I am a bit beside myself. Since getting my glasses in December I have had these occasional flashes of light out of the corners of my eyes. I attributed it to the new bifocals or to my migraines. Then in the last week or two the flashes have been daily. I tried to call the doctor to get a referral and then tried to call BC to make sure I needed one. I do, and could not reach my PCP. So, here I am worried about the flashes and not able to call the doctor til tomorrow.

So, here is the not so funny thing. Yesterday while doing Spark People search to get a spark point I typed in, Where can Fat Women swim? Up comes a google list of sites I can go to and I chose one just because it said, Fat Women Swim Club. Honest to God the first thing I read was about an obese woman who saw flashing lights and it was a brain tumor. Needless to say I am scared silly! I turned white a s a ghost so hubby checked and sure enough he saw it. He figured I searched for that but I had NOT! A frikken TUMOR! haaaaaaaaa! Lord! I am more than scared! I prefer my migraine theory. God!!!

What a weird coincidence. Too strange. As hubby would say, "Have faith in God. Have no fear. Never give up." It is easy to say but it is foremost in my mind. I pray I will have strength for whatever I am to face. Look at my mothers strength...she was a rock.

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