Monday, June 16, 2008

Doctor Visit #1

God knows I need to update the last post. I waited until 10 to call an opthamologist and reached one in Worcester. When I told the lady my symptoms she seemed a bit concerned and said that I could have an appointment July 2nd. but if my vision got worse I could possibly get in Wednesday. I needed the referral from my PCP so when I called them and told them my symptoms SHE wanted to see me right away. I told my dear husband who looked at me and said, "I am staying here and watching the Open playoff." LOL So, I threw my clothes on and drove the 40 minutes by myself and made it just in time. After examining me my doctor said she wanted me to call back and get the appointment for Wednesday because she was concerned about my retina. I think she said it's messy?
Anyway, called the doctor and arranged to go in on Wednesday so I will know more then. One thing I sure as hell know. The Open, Tiger, Rocco Mediate...all more important than me. What a joke! Don't forget, my vision is blurry in my left eye and I have lights flashing in both eyes. Have a safe drive darling. Good grief.

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