Monday, April 21, 2008

Worker's Condemnation

I did not coin the phrase but I am going to use it. Here is the thing...I was injured and I get seven years to pull out of my pain or any residual problems or I am dumped from the system. I have been reading that here in Massachusetts there is some sort of investigation going on within the Boston Fire Department. It seems that if a fireman is filling in for a superior and he gets injured...he goes out on compensation on the superiors pay scale. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I friggin give up. Seriously. I just would like to have been paid what I was making. Someone shoot me. LOL They get their superior's pay scale. Well..every night before bed do they pray that they will get hurt on the day they are filling in??? OY! Let's just have some fairness across the board!
Just days from my hubby's lay-off and the real s#*t hits the financial fan!

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