Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bad Report

The report from the Impartial Medical Examiner is in. As I thought he practically says that I have no injury. He even claims at the end of the report that if I have a dropped foot, which he doubts, it was not caused by the injury. I have cried some tears and I have plenty more but I am resigned to the fact that I end up in financial woes.
I have never really felt quite so down. There was a moment driving home from the grocery store when I wondered what it would be like if I crashed into a tree. I guess I best take the frikkin anti-depressants and call it a day. I have lost all hope and I am so sad about this whole crap.

On a wonderful note my son called and he is officially the minister of the church where he interviewed. they voted today and he is in! I am so happy for him. He will be further away from me but God called him where he is needed.

My pain is so bad today and I am tired of company. I just really want to curl up into a ball and stay there.

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