Saturday, June 23, 2007


Just a quick post to chat about labels.
I hate labels in my underwear and in my bra's.
I also hate labels that are scratchy on the neck of my T-shirts.
I do not mind being labeled a "conservative."
I LOVE being labeled a CHRISTIAN.
I am sad to be labeled "fat." (But you are Mary, you are!) LOL!!!!!
Speaking of fat...I am. I am constantly working on it...walking, trying to abstain from too much YUMMY sugar-laden food, and not buying Peeps. May I add here that Peeps are the most wonderful food ever! Mmmm. Anyway, since my injury I have really packed on the pounds because I am not able to move around as much as I need to in order to maintain a healthy weight. I do belong to and where you can find immeasurable support. I continue the battle but do not feel hurt when you "notice" that I am fat. The thing that really bothers me is when you think that talking about other people's fat makes me feel good? What is that all about? LOL
I just want to lose weight so that I can fit in a seat at Fenway Park.

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