Monday, November 24, 2014

From Mummy to Christmas

I have mentioned before that I love to watch vidoe's of people stamping.  I have a few favorite people and one of them is Jennifer McGuire.  During Halloween, Simon Says Stamp released this stamp set; Trick or Treat

                                  TRICK OR TREAT sss10144

It is so cute but appears at first glance as a set that can come out in September and go away on October 31st.  Jennifer McGuire proved that to be wrong in this video:
With that in mind and the dog already stamped I decided to see if I could color anything close to what Jennifer did.   Clearly I need to watch the video again but my little dog does look cute in person and I think with a little practice I will improve.  I really love to be able to stretch my stamps.  I used a Judith christmas light bulb.  Jen's is much smaller... need to watch that again.


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