My Lean Body Journey

Beginning on October 2, 2015 I decided to make a change.  A REAL change.  I am close to 75 pounds overweight and after listening to a few people scoping on Periscope, and having felt so awful for almost the whole of 2015, I decided to take the bull by the horns and change my lifestyle.

I began the Lean Body 360 on the first week of October and have lost 17 pounds.  To me it has been a miracle.   I did not exercise or starve.  I ate large quantities of food and basically have cut out breads, pasta, and white sugar.   You could also say I cut out white flour because I eat no bread pasta cookies.. all the places one finds, white flour. 

I am eating vegetables, lots of protein, fruit and lots of water.  I have discovered that you can make delicious banana pancakes with ripe banana's, eggs and baking powder.  Who woulda thunk?

I am unable to post my personal pictures yet because I look hideous in my eyes.  But, here are a few of what I look like with cover up of clothes.

These two were our 2015 Disney trip.

The ONLY time I went to the apt. gym with Bob.  Behind me.. THE DREADED POOL.

What baby?  Wide Load alert!

2014 Disney trip

I HATE this body.

These were taken on week 6 of LBP
17 pounds down

Today is December 13, 2015 and my update on the weight loss is.... drum roll.... DOWN, 26 pounds. The good thing is obviously my pants are too big.  The bad things are.. my health.  All my "feelings" that something is not quite right seem to be coming to fruition.  If you could remember me in your prayers as I deal with these scary test results and procedures...  I would be so grateful.   
BENIGN!!  Thank You Jesus!

Been awhile since an update on this little page.  

Down 70+ pounds as of August 4, 2016

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