Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stamping Inventory

I have tried all sorts of methods to inventory my stamps and supplies.  I have a big binder and a little binder.  These have never been satisfactory for me because they are never where I need them at any given moment.  Yesterday I was visiting a blog I follow, Kat's Scrappy, Bloggy Life, and I noticed that she has been using something called Evernote.  So, always ready to try something that involves technology.. I downloaded it and started putting my stamps into it.

Go take a look at Kat's explanation.. AWESOME!

So far I have learned ONE important VITAL lesson.  Do not make any of your notebooks, LOCAL.  Grr!  I have no idea why I clicked local for my stamping inventory notebook, but the minute I downloaded Evernote to my phone, I realized my error.  

That being said I was able to move all my "notes" (stamp inventory) over to a Notebook I had made sharable.  Time consuming but not the scream fest I had envisioned.

I have input 45 stamp sets and several dies.  Couple hundred more and I'll be done... well, maybe not. $$  *smile*  

Each entry is a new "note" and it has a title and then in the body, a picture which I just copied and pasted.  Then, the good part, TAGS!  Looking at the stamp set I tagged the important pieces to me.  For instance maybe the set has hearts, dots, trees, snowflakes, bold, etc.  There is no limit as to how you tag it.  So, when I go to Evernote and I am making something that I want to use small hearts.  I can go to TAGS and bam.. all the sets with hearts pops up.  

My next job will be to number each set both in the Evernote and in my storage so that I have a locator.  I could have done that all at once but it did not occur to me until a second ago.  For now most of my stamps are in original packages standing up in plastic shoe boxes.

The same info that is on my computer is on my phone so that I can have it with me in stores, no duplicates.  Woo Hoo!  
I am LOVING it!   Oh, and it was FREE.  You can pay $45.00 a year but I think mostly that is for businesses to allow them presentations.
Let's see if this works.


  1. This looks great! I wish I had my stamps organized. I just have too many - the thought of it is overwhelming! Way to go, Mary! So impressed with this!

  2. This looks interesting. I'll have to check this out more closely! Thanks for the info.


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