Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor

Today was the Restoring Honor rally on the National Mall and as I watched I was so moved by the speakers and by the sentiments shared.  I do believe that we need to return to God and He will provide for our every need. 

I am saddened by the division in our country.  I am sad that a speaker like Alveda King cannot speak at a rally put on by Glenn Beck without having her name smeared by some in the black community.

I am sad that there are people who will say and write terrible things about the rally just because of Glenn Beck.

I am sad that those who preach to me that I must be tolerant are most often the farthest from being tolerant people themselves.

And yet, I am FILLED with hope as I see the numbers of people who traveled to WA to stand in solidarity to support the idea that our nation needs to return to God.  I am thrilled that Glenn Becks appeals for no political signs was honored.

God Bless America.  God Bless Alveda King, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, his staff, the clergy, the soldiers.  God bless us all.

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Miss Booey watching Glenn Beck at the Kennedy Center on the night before the Restoring Honor Rally! 

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