Wednesday, August 25, 2010

John Harvard's Brew House

There is something to be said for spending time alone with your spouse!  Yesterday after we dropped his mom at her niece's, we stopped at this great place called John Harvard's Brew House.
John Harvard's Brew House
The plan was that we would get a SAMPLER which consists of five of their brews on a little paddle and maybe an appetizer.  We ended up with the samplers and then each got Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla's.  YUM!  The five beers were; Gold, Pale, IPA, Belgian Wit (Mmmm!) and Stout.  They wera all superb but I must say the IPA and the Belgian Wit were outstanding!!  
It was a wonderful time.

As always we had to de-compress after Betty's time with us.  We sit and go over what changes we had noticed and what surprises we had noticed too!  Things that she will sometimes remember continues to amaze!!  We need that time to just unload.  It helps somehow to get rid of frustrations and to garner all the little joys either has noticed.  We need those!

Her ankle swelling and redness seems to get better every day.  I have no idea what it is but with occasional soaking and ice and heat.. I sure hope it is NORMAL before she heads back to Florida.
She continues to be a bit emotional and also defensive so we work on our communication skills!  I look forward to her seeing a neurologist when we are all back in Florida. 

I did find her little purple pill container today, under the couch.  I dare say it was a gift from God that  it got lost when it did.  It allowed us to move her into the AM/PM pill box so that she can now take her pills  with a lot less confusion.  So, today I say, "Thank You God for the intervention of LOSING the purple box!"  We never could have gotten her off that alone!!  Amen!

Off to hide the purple box...

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