Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, I am here to tell you, "Thank You" can be overdone.  I counted the newest REPEAT phrase, "Thank You," TWENTY-SIX times...for breakfast.  Am I complaining?  I guess in a way I am..but not totally.  What I am thinking is, it doesn't matter what words are repeated, it is the constant over and over and over words that drive caregivers to distraction. 

It all started last week-end but I just barely noticed. Yesterday my head almost exploded by the time I served dessert.  Over and over the phrase goes, "Thank you."  Twenty-six for breakfast, twenty for a cup of yogurt, twenty or more for dinner...then comes dessert.  You would think I could be glad for Betty's polite nature.  Instead I am overwhelmed with the words.  I feel like each time she says it if I say, "Your Welcome" in a different tone or in a different way...maybe it will stop. 

It goes on.  "Thank You" has taken the place of some of the repeated stories so I guess my advice is; Be Careful What You Wish For!  I am just a bit sad as I write this.  There is something so sad about the way she is thanking me.  It seems fearful in a way.  Possibly she is afraid if she doesn't "behave," be the GOOD girl, be polite, we might not want her here.  She has said more than once, in a child-like voice, "I'll be good." 

Constant reassurance that she will not be tossed away... help me to be charitable and help me to seek ways to calm her fearfulness.  And, God, help me to be patient with the repeating.


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