Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yesterday was spent babysitting while my son and his wife went to a wedding he was officiating.  I am pretty sure it has been YEARS since Bob was with a toddler, if ever! I really think he enjoyed observing their behavior.  Caroline will be three and Jack just turned one yet Jack is bigger than Caroline!

They were so well-behaved and I hope they had as much fun as we did.  We had brought a little princess tent for Caroline and she just loved it.  In and out over and over.  The funny part was that Jack forgot to duck when he came out so he contantly smacked his head...halfway up his face.  Then, being a little bruiser, he would lean on the side and tip the tent over causing Caroline to shriek, "Jack!"

We got the tent from JC Penney but it is very similar to these.  They can be used inside and out so she wanted to take it outside...maybe Daddy will do that for her?

I have so much admiration for young parents especially these days when most women are working a full-time job.  How on earth do they do it?  I was so exhausted I fell aslep at nine o'clock and could have slept til ten!  To top it off Jack was supposed to be trying to drink whole milk from a cup. This is one stubborn boy and I am here to tell you, the battle was won by Jack!  Mom and dad decided to let him go at the transition slowly and today he was one happy camper.  Smart decision on their part because Jack was really holding on tight to his time-table and he was NOT budging!

                                                      Aren't they the cutest? 

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