Monday, August 2, 2010

Those Sudden Mood Changes

We are beginning to see more mood changes and it takes us aback every time it happens because there never seems to be a consistent trigger.  Yesterday Betty told Bob that he had upset her when she spoke to him in the morning.  She said that she was getting the feeling that Bob was angry at her and that it had upset her a great deal.  Since Bob had not really done anything out f the ordinary we were left trying to figure out what it was he had said on the morning call that had set her off.

The one thing that happened was that Bob had told Betty we would pick her up on Monday at about three.  So during her multiple repeated statements she mentioned, "So, you will be here to pick me up later?"  Bob said, "What day?"  She hesitated a second then said..."No, Monday."  That was the only time anything was said.

So Bob mentioned to her that he was not sure what she was talking about and suggested that she write down when something bothered her so that she could recall exactly what had bothered her.

The moods can go from angry to sad to needy so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up.  One of her favorite things to say now is, "I've been a good girl." Or... "I behaved myself."  I am pretty sure that this is part of the whole mood thing.  Since much of her repeated conversations revolve around her father I wonder if Bob is the replacement father? 


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