Monday, July 26, 2010

Piles, Piles And More Piles

First of all let's be clear; ...BOTH Bob and I are pack rats and on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most severely disabled by PILES of STUFF we are a 6.  Trust me, that is an honest assessment.  My daughter-in-law who is stuck with one of my pile loving sons might give us a 9, but only if she has not watched the HOARDERS show.  Once you have watched that show, our expertise in the fine art of hoarding, loses the high score!

Here is what we PILE;  (I prefer pile to HOARD) I stated in an earlier post we LOVE books.  Content, smell, look, feel...we love books.  I wish they were more organized but without wall to wall bookcases we have them stacked.  As I said I do have a 36" stack of Diet Books.  Annie would say get rid of them and you will lose 50 pounds in a matter of minutes!  
     Clothes... I have them from size 12 to size 26.  I have not been a size 12 in that many years but I keep the eternal hope that I will get back there.  Hence the 36" stack of Diet Books.  Bob has an entire closet of shirts.  A whole closet filled with tee shirts mostly.  I bet there are some there from his childhood!  He also stacks his dirty clothes so that you are never sure what is dirty and what is clean.  I stack my folded clothes too because I have no bureau to shove them into.  
      Blankets... Why do I have so many quilts?  I have at least 8 inside those squeeze out the air til you get pancake quilts and I don't want to open them because then you have to suck all of the air out again.  I might have bought one new one to avoid having to open one of those pancake making bags!
      Magazines... Oh LORD! For Bob the magazines are Golfing mag's for me...arghhh!  Cooking, Paper Crafts, Crafts, Yankee and a few Martha Stewart.  Do you see the contradiction with that one?  Martha Stewart would body slam me if she saw my piles and lack of organization.  
      Rubber Stamps... Can you say..2,000?  I have at least that many but then...who's counting?  I have them stacked in drawers and stacked in CD cases.  I can never remember what stamps I have and even though I started an image book while in an organization mood one day, I never keep it up to date.  As a matter of fact, where is that thing?
      Craft supplies... Seriously...I have every craft known to man.  I could take up knitting, quilting, stamping, art, jewelry making or wood burning at the drop of a hat.  I even have the magazines, see above, to give me the directions to do any of the crafts listed.
      Scrap Book Supplies...I could have listed this under crafts BUT...there are so many items involved.  Stickers, Scrapbooks, paper, the photographs, the cameras, more paper, how-to books. Yikes!
     Duraflame logs next to the fireplace which we use almost never.  I think if I check in the cellar there is a case of those silly logs!
     Plastic spoons, knives and forks.  Listen, this is NOT my "thing."  Bob seems to collect them and has them from the last 30 years.  Light blue ones...who has those?
      Material...TONS of material for my someday quilts.  All washed and all ironed. I love the feel and colors!  Who needs a quilt when you have all those piles?
      So, then there is my adorable daughter-in-law who looks around at my piles and fears for the future!  She knows that her hubby has tendencies and she now has two children with the same genes...she is SCARED!  Whenever she comes over she looks at our piles and I am sure she says a silent prayer that the "disorder" will skip a generation.  She is too polite to mention it unless I bring it up.  Last time she was here she was thrilled to see that we hadn't had enough time to accrue any really BIG piles since we had arrived home from Florida.  I can't help but smile when I think of the bags Bob had stuffed things in every time they are coming over.  Haaaaaa!!!!  I bet he has one from every visit they have ever made. 
      Do I really want a cure for this pile problem?  I am not sure I do.  I love my "stuff" and it brings me great pleasure.  I would like to have it organized though, in case Martha should ever visit, and I do want Bob to get to the point where he at least tosses JUNK MAIL.  See, we have goals...small and attainable.   Someday.
Miss Boo finds a place between the piles!


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