Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Living Up To My Blog Name

Well... what a fine mess you've gotten yourself into.  I was attempting to do a card for a challenge at Technique Junkies, an ink drip technique.  As you can see by my hand I took it to the extreme!  I squeezed and felt the bottle crack right into my hand.  As it started pouring out I quickly dashed to the sink holding all of the ink in my hand and did I say... what a mess!  I am going to be trying to clean this ink off me for the next month!

It would seem that as ink bottles age, this one was probably 15 years old, they can get brittle.  So... squeezing might be bad.  Very bad.  I did get a few drips done before I had to clean everything in sight but no card yet.  Any suggestions as to how to get the blue ink from my fingernails would be greatly appreciated.

So... should we go with laminate flooring, tile or carpet?  Yes, I got a few drips on this old carpet and that seems like a perfect opportunity to replace. Right?! *smile*

Here is todays card.

Background Technique Junkies
Sentiments Simon Says Stamp
Ship - Aliexpress

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