Friday, October 10, 2014

For quite some time I have been admiring, swooning, drooling, and fixating on cards made by;
Kittie Caracciolo

Feel free to go off and take a look at the incredible pieces of art she calls, cards.  They are phenomenal.  So, wanting to be like Kittie, I purchased several dies (well, Bob did) and I have set out to try my hand at creating some cards similar to Kittie's masterpieces.

I realize now, I had no idea what I was doing and yet, here is the picture of the beginning of my card.  I have some temp glue holding the cats, tree and birds in place and I have now decided to ink a sky onto another same size piece of cardstock and use dimensional strips to mount it to the inside.

That is not what she did... now I realize, but I will get the hand of it eventually.  Here is my first attempt.
I really CASE'D one of Kittie's cards as far as the wainscotting and cats but added the outside tree with the birds.  It is not done but I think another 6 hours and I should have it.  LOL!!!  I have fallen off the deep end.   Do go and see her wonderful cards.


  1. Your card is AWESOME! It is very eye catching and I had to come over and take a closer look. I'm a huge fan of Kittie's too - only discovered her recently and you are right - her cards are works of art! Love how you sponged the kitty - the tree in the background is beautiful - and I love the wainscotting!

  2. Perfectly delightful, Mary! I love every single detail of this fabulous window scene design!


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