Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Happens To Me?

I am so angry at myself.   I think my blood pressure is HIGH and I am feeling ill after eating what should have been, delicious pizza.  We could chalk it up to the second glass of wine but isn't that supposed to calm you?  LOL...Haaaaaaa!  I am laughing inside and a little out.  I have headphones on pretending I am listening to some funny podcast but really I am listening to the PIZZA conversation over and over and over!  HA!!!

Here is what happened.  I ordered three pizza's from Papa Gino's, our favorite pizza up here in the Northeast.  One was called; Rustic with Chicken, Roasted Garlic, Chunks of tomato, Asiago cheese.  One was a small Onion.  The third was covered with; Meatball, green peppers, onions and black olives with cheese.

I dished out two pieces to Betty, one with just Asiago Cheese on the crust and one with the Meatball, green pepper, black olive, onion and cheese.  After she had eaten all but the crust she informed us that she would have liked something ON her pizza.  I asked her what she meant, and explained I had given her one with all the stuff on it.  She said, NOTHING AT ALL was on my pizza.  NOTHING.  LOL So, I said...what?  Of course I did not give you NOTHING on it...we did not get pizza with NOTHING.

It was at that moment, when Betty repeated that she had NOTHING that I FORGOT Alzheimer's World and stayed in REAL WORLD...arguing my point.  She then started picking olives off of the pizza that was sitting in front of her in the box.  Took most of the olives off a piece and continued to say she KNOWS what Meatballs taste like and she had NONE.  She KNOWS what black olives are and she had NONE.  I am looking at her like she is from Mars...forgetting that the MARTIAN here is really, ME!

Bob looks over and makes the drinking motion...attributing my arguing to my second glass of wine.  I then say.."I am NOT being the SERVER anymore."  This is NOT the first time I have been accused of the short change.  I'd like to add here that it was MY $47.00 that paid for these three pizza's from HELL! HAAAAAAA!!!  So, I got up from the table, poured 2/3 of a perfectly good wine down the sink and RAN from the table where NOTHING was served to my mother-in-law Betty.  HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  I am really laughing now.  Tears.  Bob DeMarco.  Bob DeMarco.  Bob DeMarco.  He is so good at this Alzheimer's World and I have failed yet again.  Sometimes I can just say Bob DeMarco out loud and I can stop falling into the trap of arguing but NOT when it comes to what I feed Betty.  It seems that I can have all my buttons pushed then.  I really DO try to get her all she needs and more so when I hear her say she got NOTHING...ARGHHH!

Oh My!  I feel as though I have failed another challenge.  I have Betty, her swollen ankle, her bruised arm and she thinks I hold back and don't feed her.  Tomorrow  is another day.  Thank you Lord for that.  (God willing!)

PS...Bob DeMarco is found here...and he is a marvel! 

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  1. Thank you....Very well Felt. I Guess I do need to do this.


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