Friday, November 7, 2008

Poor Self Esteem

Today while we were at lunch there was a man, possibly in his 60's, sitting in a booth in my direct line of vision. At first I did not notice anything strange but once I did I could see nothing else. This man had taken his hair, about 2" from the nape of his neck and grown it long enough to comb up and over his head to cover his baldness. It was the most ridiculous looking sight and I could not stop looking at him. I wondered what on earth he had been told about being bald that made him do something so drastic. Some message he received left him feeling that as long as he could see hair atop his head when he looked in the mirror he felt good about himself.
It made me look at my husband and his thinning hair and made me once again feel the need to tell him I liked bald men. I want him to know that when his hair is gone he will still be attractive to me. It is so awful to think that a man would have to go to the extreme that this man did...or Donal have hair on their heads.
One day my husbands mother was watching golf and she kept talking about how bald this guy was as though he had grown horns on his head. I looked at her and I know...your son is losing his hair and she backtracked but could not see how hurtful that was. The messages that we get about our bodies and appearance can really wreak havoc with our lives. I have weight issues but let me tell hair is thinning due to tight pony tails and thyroid trouble and I think I would hate being bald!

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