Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not the best picture but I wanted to share this info about the feral cat I have been feeding for five years. I named him, OMG, Old Man Gray. He appeared on my deck one January and I put some food out for him. That little kindness formed a wonderful friendship that has lasted through four winters and into our fifth. I bought a wooden toybox two years ago and cut a hole in the side so that I could offer OMG a spot that was dry to eat his breakfast. Sometimes I would find him inside the box waiting for my face to appear at the back door. His way of greeting me is to hiss and in fact he hisses the entire time I am feeding him. This year I decided to try to make a better feeding spot for him and after doing some research online, I found a company that offers kits for feeding boxes and also shelters for feral cats. http://feralvilla.org
When the kit arrived Bob and I wondered if we would be able to do it but the directions were so clear and precise that we had no trouble at all. OMG took a look at it and climbed right in after his dish filled with 1/2 & 1/2 and wet food. He stays in there on rainy days while he waits for me to get dinner ready and he appears to feel very safe inside. We LOVE it and so does he.

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