Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Decision About Christmas

I was looking through all of the greeting cards that are sent to me during this season from charity organizations and I realize that most of them have jumped into the PC pool and are sending Happy Holiday cards. I made a decision this morning to send NO Happy Holiday cards or any cards which were neutral about WHY I was spending $.43 for stamps and taking time to send cards. Every card I send will be clear...Merry Christmas! Jesus was Born! I am a follower of Jesus and therefore I am sending you this card to share my JOY that God sent his Son here for me and for you if you want!
Go ahead...send me a Happy Holiday card. That is YOUR decision and I will treasure your card because it is from YOU. But, as for me and my house, We will Serve the Lord. Amen!!!
Here is why I think it is important;

All year long there really is NOTHING that will tell people how I feel about Jesus. I don't have a sign on my car that says..Jesus is Lord or Christ is King! I want you and you and you and you to KNOW that Jesus is the Reason there is a Christmas! Jesus! Not santa or trees or lights...although those are nice! Not gingerbread. Not gifts. We celebrate Christmas because God sent the greatest gift of all...Jesus!


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