Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All That is Left is For The Fat Lady to Sing

Hey! Don't look at me...I may be fat but I am no singer!!!! We went to the high school to vote and the line of cars was so long we had to wait for 20 minutes to even get into the parking lot. However, the lines of cars were caused be people too lazy to walk from the far end of the parking lot, and once we passed by cars waiting for the closest spots...the lot opened up to a lot of empty spaces. A sign of the times?

Oh...Wright is wrong. God Bless America you waste of clean air.

I am listening to the radio a bit and we'll watch a bit of results. How about the year we went to sleep thinking Al Gore was president and, "Not so fast my friend!" I am pretty sure that whatever happens with the election...Obama better win or it is going to be hideous! Riots in the streets. God help us all. Some lady said that when Obama is elected she is not going to have to worry about filling her gas tank or worry about her mortgage being paid. LOL!! Is there going to be a line I can get into for those perks? What a mess this whole election has been. Rude awakening lady...you will pay for your gas in January after the inauguration and your mortgage...well you better get the check written because honey no one is going to pay your way if you own a car and house! Now if you are eligible for welfare...maybe!

Abortion, Reverend (I use that term loosely) Wright, flag issue, redistribution of assets, Bill Ayers, promises with expiration dates, support of ACORN (appropriate name for NUTS), a wife who has never been proud of her country, and a Democrat.

The most important reasons that today caused me to vote for an American Hero; John McCain.
UPDATE! LALALALAAAAA! The fat lady has sung. 11:46 p.m. 11/4

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