Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Year

Well la di da! It is January 2008 and where have I been? LOL I just seem to fade out and it becomes a chore to write. I saw the depression ad on TV again today where the guy is sitting watching his TV and there is nothing on...just that fuzzy screen that happens when a station goes off the air..(like the old days) That is me. I feel as though I am watching life much like that fuzzy screen.

Christmas was loud, angry, chaotic, interspersed with tender moments. I could have done without the fighting and am glad it wasn't me fighting. I think old age makes some people angry or combative. Nasty.

My dear cat Bill has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure so we are on borrowed time now. He will be 19 on May 31. We have to give him subQ fluids once a day and a bunch of medication. It was scary coming home to find him so sick but he is a bit better now.

I keep saying I am going to diet or eat healthy....not yet. Freaking weight is all back on and I hate going back to Dr. R so she can see how awful I am doing. Pain is bad so is that why all I do is eat? I got migraine pills the other day...I paid $50 and the insurance company paid $425.00. That is absurd! I will not get them again...good grief!!!

Been reading the Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury...really good. I am on Found which is the third book in a five book series. Nice to not read about sex in detail. Sorry...just see no need to read about "his hardness" ...spare me. LOL

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