Saturday, June 16, 2007

What A Mess

My little studio space is 1/2 mess and 1/2 disorganized mayhem. I admit that part of the problem is that I buy everything and anything I want. Well, almost everything. If I bring it into the house and I am hiding yet another nonsense spending spree for art supplies...I may not see it again for MONTHS! I just found some punches that I had no idea I owned and almost purchased another set of Tim Holtz inks forgetting that I already own them. I have spent some time getting things in order and I'm starting to feel the creative juices flow. There are no creative juices when I look at a mess. NONE!
I have started organizing the rubber stamps. Imagine 1,000 stamps everywhere. OY! I am using CD cases to organize the unmounted and big acrylic box framees for the wood mounts. What a jumble though. At this point I would say I am 65% "there" and can find most of what I am looking for. I do have the stamp pads organized into IRIS cart drawers; pigments, dyes, refills.
Will I ever feel organized enough to take a picture and post it? Maybe not! My studio space is in the cellar in a corner where I have whittled out some space between BOXES of JUNK we will never use and probably move to our next home. There are no real windows (just a window-well which I have covered with a curtain to prevent an unknown killer from peering in as I create) so the only light is from a flouorescent shoplight and my magnifying lamp. Cleaning up and organizing my area will just serve to make me feel better. I think for now, that is enough.

Here is the card I made for Aunt Ellie and Uncle Danny!

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