Saturday, June 9, 2007


There is something about memorizing Bible verses that has always given me trouble. I am wondering if it has something to do with not wanting to "get it wrong" before God. I just downloaded a program to my Palm, the KJV Bible and part of it has memorization. As I was looking at it I started to get the "I can't do it" feeling and for just a moment I was back in school when the teacher called on me and I clammed up. What the heck is that all about...I am 56 after all. LOL

I guess the thing to do is to keep trying.

My mother was a sponge for knowledge and read three papers a day, listened to talk radio, watched the 10:00 news and then the 11:00 too in case she missed anything! If she met someone new she would find out all there was to know about them; where they worked, their relationships, everything. She never forgot anything and never forgot a face and the name that went with it. Do you think she got all of the memory brain cells and I was left with a minimal supply? LOL She just chuckled in heaven!!

My mom was once just a girl...... was I!

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