Thursday, June 29, 2017

First Scene Masking

I am calling this first scene masking but actually it is the first masking attempt.... period.  It may be the last.. LOL!!!

First I stamped it on white paper and wrote where I needed to mask.  So, you would think when I masked this it would be correct.  Nope.  LOL!!  The most egregious error nearly occurred under the llama on the left.  Had i put that little cactus any closer and aimed it the wrong way... well, this could have turned into an X rated mistake for sure!    Then get a load of the goof ball with the cactus coming out of his head.  What was I thinking?

So... back to the drawing board.

This time I stamped it out and used a different cactus next to the big old boy and just put one cactus behind left guy... making that little cactus look a bit bigger.  That worked!  

After coloring that second attempt in I was pretty pleased with it.  The perspective was not too bad and if I had some more dark to light colors it might not look half bad.   All in all.. a good day of learning.

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