Monday, September 15, 2014

Today I watched a paper piecing video over at Stamp Nation.  Catherine Pooler used a stamp that almost looked like a paper doll and the outcome was gorgeous.  Well, I have no paper doll looking stamps so I grabbed one of my Paula Best stamps with a lot of paper piecing possibility and I went to work.  Thank God I do not do video's showing my work.  Time spent on this... about nine hours.  Well, slight exaggeration, I think?  

I stamped the image on seven pieces of printed paper.  Then I sat and cut and cut these ridiculously tiny turns this way and that.  When done I glued it all down to a white stamped image.  I didn't want it to float so I tore a piece of the paper I made with alcohol inks and I am hoping that solves the floating issue!

Turned it into a Happy Birthday card as I always think that the saying on the stamp matches a birthday.  "Nothing is more important than this day."
Add some bling and an arrow that points to the sentiment on the pieced image and I was done.

Of course I wasn't happy so I used a tiny squiggle stamp and used it on the background paper.  Walk away!!!  Seriously Mary, walk away from the table!

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  1. Thank you so much, Mary, for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I love using the AI Girlfriends because they remind me so much of the bunch I hang with!

    What a wonderful birthday card you have created here! Sensational job with all that paper piecing and fussy cutting!

    I also love that picture of you and your sister in the car because I have one that looks just like it of my sister and I in a 53 Chevy!

    Thanks again for the visit!


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