Friday, June 24, 2011

Today Betty decided she is NOT going to the graduation party with her niece tomorrow.  Today, I went up and got the bathroom ready for her to take a shower and wash her hair and when I came down and asked if she was coming up, I get a pouty two year old telling me, "NO."  She tells me she is NOT taking a shower and washing her hair because she is NOT going tomorrow.

I calmly explain that she always says she doesn't want to go but always has a great time when she goes.  Then I say that I am counting on her going because Bob and I are going to go up to visit with my Uncle Danny who is in t he process of losing a long battle with cancer.

Then she says, "I am NOT going because I don't want them to feel sorry for me."  So I respond, "Why on earth are people going to feel sorry for you?"  She can't explain it.  So I say, "Just go take a shower and wash your hair and you will feel better."  

This goes on and on back and forth for an hour while Bob is down doing the treadmill.  When he finally comes up he starts yelling at her which solves nada. I finally say...fine.  You cannot stay here alone.  You cannot stay at Paula's alone.  She says she will call Paula and ask her to stay there.  I keep repeating that we don't want her to stay alone.

I tell her that if I had known I could have found someone to stay with her and she gets pissed and says she doesn't need a babysitter.  Even when I try to say that she likes people and loves to talk and that the people they send are nice...she just gets mad and says, "I can stay alone."

So, I imagine I will have to drive to Ellie's alone and Bob will stay her with Betty.

I am so pissed that no arrangements have been made before this so that situations like this don't come up.  Are we supposed to stay here with Betty all the time?  What the hell are we going to do in the fall?  Then she says..."You just want to lock me up in an old ladies home."

Tell that to my thousands of dollars I have spent to help take care of you by buying things for you and spending money getting us to Florida.  I am so tired.  I feel sorry for myself right now and I should feel sorry for Betty.  I am just pissed.  And... I cannot stop crying.

By the way.... NO shower and NO hair washing.

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