Friday, August 13, 2010

You Fell?

If not for bruising I have no doubt we would know NOTHING about falling mothers.  Even WITH the bruising I am not sure we know about "the fall."  One minute the story goes that she banged her ankle after she took a shower and was in a different bathroom.  Next she hit her ankle as she was getting off the toilet.  Then, she was NOT getting off the toilet, she turned quickly and banged her ankle somewhere. 

When I asked last night how she got the bruise on her arm she told me she banged it.  When she woke up today it bacame part of "the fall" story.  The ankle is not bruised but it is swollen a bit and red so originally she attributed the soreness to banging it.  Now, hours into was a fall.

Luckily down at her niece's home they have a walk in shower, in their room, and gladly encourage Betty to shower in there.  We have the traditional bathtub set up here and no real rail to hang onto.  You know me...nervous nelly, so when she showered here I was a wreck!  Yet somehow, even with a walk in she has hurt her ankle and bruised her arm.  Not in their the one she uses.  

How? When? What happened?  Did she actually fall down?  Was anyone home?  Were her feet wet?  How?  She doesn't really seem to seems to be one of the "stories" she puts together with what she has to work with.  In this case; bruised arm and sore ankle. 

One thing is sure...she HATES the third degree as most of us do so when she is asked questions...she finally clams up and just gives you, "the look!"  We'll just ice her up and keep her off it as best we can.  Most of all we will try to keep her on her feet...especially on these stairs. 

Did I mention I am a, NERVOUS NELLY? 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the bruise stories! And I'm a nevous nellie also. I managed eight months of bathtub mishaps until I finally insisted to my brother that he install a walk-in shower. Up to that point he had just told me all the reasons as to why it couldn't be done. The last incident Chrissy froze while in the tub - couldn't get knees up, roll over, or reach up for the hand rails. I just let the water out, put a blanket over her and pillow under her head. We talked and waited about 35 minutes until she was relaxed enought to get out. Geez!


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