Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Never Put Off Til Tomorrow What You Can Put Off Til The Week After Next!

Procrastination is my middle name and, imagine this, it is Bob's middle name as well.  We waited until the very last minute in Florida to consult with Betty's doctor to have her tested.   Now we are waiting until the summer is nearly over and we have not gone to even one of the housing options on our list!  She heads back to Florida in mid September and we have done nothing.

There is a Continuing Care Center here in our town, very close, and all we need to do is make an appointment.  At least Betty could get an idea what these places have to offer. 

Emeritus At Eddy Pond

Betty just can't live in her own home much longer.  There is so much responsibility and she gets terribly stressed out.  Lawns, bugs, cleaning, shopping...arghh!

Tonight I vow to light a fire under us and get an appointment made.

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  1. Hello, Mary. How interesting to read about Betty. My wife's mother is around 98 years old. She's had about six heart attacks, has almost died about twelve times. But every time, to our amazement, she bounces back.

    Grandma Grace has lost her mind. When my wife and her sisters visit each week, Grandma has no memory of being at our home, nor does she know that she fell last week, or that she has any grandkids. Every minute is a new day. It wears out my wife and she gets very discouraged some days.

    I have tried to tell her but she cannot seem to grasp that all of this is natural progression, and there is nothing to be gained by making yourself miserable over your mother's aging process. Good grief she's cheated death ten times already!

    The problem with memory loss is that, while you could plan for living with no legs, or living blind, or living on the street, you cannot plan for living with no memory because you are going to forget all your plans!

    Memory loss can be a blessing. Consider the cow that has to spend all her days in the field. How boring can that be! No wonder God made them stupid. (I saw a cow running across the pasture once and I marveled to myself, "What's the hurry?")

    Anyway, now we have people too old to do anything, so perhaps God shows a little mercy and lets them lose their memory so their last days / weeks / years are not dreadful.

    Whatever the case is, by and by we all shall die, and those for whom we have served in their helplessness will know it and love us all the more for it.

    God bless you as you struggle through this journey.


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