Friday, August 20, 2010

What Are The Housing Options?

We really need to sit and write down the housing options for Betty.  As Bob was talking on the phone to his sister I realized that there are so many things to consider and the only one who REALY KNOWS what they want is...Betty.  Her goal is to be near Bob.  Wherever that may be, she wants to be near him.  For newly retired Bob he has these dreams of travel to decide where he would like to spend the rest of his life so he is wondering where those dreams fit in.  For his sister, she doesn't drive so she is thinking that Florida is too far away and even up here close to Bob is not near an airport where she can visit.  Plus, any housing near her in New York, would be too costly.

For me... arghhh! I am a martyr so I probably would do whatever they decide and maybe whine about it later.

There are options..
   Aging in place..BUT the house is getting to be too much.
   Continuing Care place.. COST!
   Senior Housing.. How long could she stay there on her own?
   Assisted Living...Again, COST and she really is not quite there anyway.

None of it is easy..that is for sure.  We need to get on it.  I think I will call this morning and make the appointment at Emeritis.  Maybe just a tour will let us all know if it is out of her price range.


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