Friday, July 2, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise

I have to say it was a perfectly wonderful surprise to sign in, first time since April, and find such supportive comments from lovely blog friends.

We are back home in Massachusetts for the summer with Bob's mom staying with her niece during the week and here Thursday thru Monday or Tuesday. The packing and flying back for her was very difficult and we have topped it off by starting her on Aricept which seems to have her in a lot of confusion beyond the memory loss. She went through some tests in early June which came back that she has had no stroke and showed that she has mild cerebral atrophy. The doctor decided to give the Aricept a try so we started it after she was here in MA a week. Thank God she has not had stomach problems or dizziness from it but we have noticed that her confusion is profound. We can tell her that today is Friday and she can't recall it within seconds! On top of that I finally got her to have her pills and vitamins in one of those daily pill containers but...YOU HAVE TO KNOW what day to take. This morning I found the Wednesday pills gone...Arghh!

Bob is slowly coming to terms with this but he still lacks patience and a lot is falling to me as I am Miss Care Taker of the world. I am pretty sure I signed up for that when we got married, right? Haaaa!!! Oh fun!

Our drive back was stressful as always and I laugh everytime I think that Bob wants to buy an RV. Oh joy of joys what a pleasure that would be. I realize I am a drill sargeant and I am a "get things done" type so I have NO USE for even THINKING about which side of the car to pack the extra shoe in. LOL!! Of course we had Miss Booey, our cat, and she was as always, a trooper. She loves the Microtel suite...I honestly believe she thought she was going to be living there.

I left all of my art supplies I had brought to FL down there as there was just no room in the car. Just before leaving I bought a new paper cutter and can hardly wait to get back down there in late September to use it. I have thousands of rubber stamps here but my inks are there. LOL Oh! I just remembered that I left my Copic's there. Grrr! This time will go quickly and I have a lot of art supplies still here so I will need to get them out and start creating.

Back to checking on pill taking and answering the question, "Now, what day is it?" Thankfully she appreciates all I do...that makes it all easier.

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