Monday, April 12, 2010

The Issue of Memory

I have wanted to talk about this in my blog but have really shut down for quite a few months. My mother-in-law developed noticeable memory problems last summer. I had been saying that something was amiss for YEARS but no one could see it but me. Of course it became MY issue rather than hers, but I am even more convinced now that there was a problem.

Anyway, we came down to Florida to be near her to evaluate how severe the memory problem was and here we are. We still have not resolved anything and I must say that I am feeling as worried now as I was back in August 2009. Today we finally brought the signed papers to her doctors to allow him to talk to us. Next comes a phone appointment or something. It seems overwhelming.

I am a pretty patient person...Bob is not. Listening to the stories over and over drives him crazy. Being in pain has not helped my patience a bit but thankfully I have the TENS and it has helped a bit. I really am not sure what to is scary!

Betty has two brothers and a sister diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease; all in different stages. Bob and I were talking today about the possibility of Assisted Living for her but with the caveat of us living nearby as that is all she talks about. I mentioned to Bob that we need to start thinking about where we would be willing to stay and then go from there to introduce the idea of Assisted Living to Betty.

It is so hard!

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