Sunday, May 4, 2008

To Make A Weight Change

I have to say that I have been really attempting to lose weight for a month and a half. I have walked on the treadmill daily, cut out a lot of junk, added salads, and even cut back on having a glass of wine EVERY night to skip a night here and there. I have not lost ONE pound! I weighed myself this morning and was really taken aback.

This is not an excuse...I do have a thyroid issue. I am on Levothyroxine each day but I am beginning to wonder if maybe my med's are not regulated. The only thing that I had not changed until last week was that I ate with hubby when he got home, sometimes after 8 p.m. Now that he has retired we will eat before 6 and I am hoping that will make a difference.

The other thing I did starting today is to change off the treadmill and used the exercise bike. I did 17 minutes on the bike and 6 minutes on the treadmill, 23 minutes total. Maybe the change will boost something!

It really is quite frustrating to not lose weight when you are really trying. I had a moment this morning when I thought...just forget it! But I came to my senses and headed down to the exercise room. I added two tickers on here last night; weight loss and fitness. I have been visiting Spark People daily and recording my food intake. I have not lost hope.

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