Monday, July 25, 2016

Stamp-A-Faire Mastering Drips and Splatters

This class was really challenging to me because I get terrified when I have to drip and splatter onto a stamped image.  Luckily this was an attempt at just creating a background so I was able to get it done thanks to Lizzie Jones making it appear easy!

This was the card I ended up with after just mixing up some of the Papertrey inks in an ice cube tray and adding water.   I had the most trouble with the stiff brush spatter... seemed to come out too fine.  And, who knew that dragging a piece of yarn soaked in watercolor could come out looking so cool!  The inks are Papertrey and the sentiment is also a Papertrey stamp.  I need to try doing this over a stamped image.

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  1. This looks totally cool! I'm terrified of drips and splatters. I always aim them the wrong way and get them on my face, the wall, the cat, the expensive desk.... I love the look of them though. You did awesome with this one.


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