Monday, January 19, 2015

Swap Cards

Just when I think that my painful arm is calming down, I bend and reach the wrong way and... arghhh!  So, I have been limited to making cards for specific swaps.  I am posting those below... hope you like them!
Torn Paper

Punch Art

Looking Out

Green & Blue


And this.. is for me.  I have a feeling this will be on my wall, for a long time!!
I really do appreciate your comments when you stop by for a visit.  I am sorry I have not been "making the rounds" to see your wonderful creations.


  1. I've missed you! Great to see you back to posting. All these cards are fantastic! My favorites are the "Torn Paper" (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!!!) and the "Looking Out" cards. I love how you use the diagonal striped border as the floor on the window card. Great idea to give your card depth. The details on this card are incredible. Cute picture on the wall and great scene outside. (Cute cats, too!) And the colors, inking technique and the distressed look of "Torn Paper" - it's all so awesome! My kind of card!! Great job. Feel better.

  2. (Sorry for the deleted comments. I tried to edit a typo and got myself into more "trouble" - twice!!!!!)

    1. You are so funny!!! I do that all the time.. somedays more than others. One day on a blog hop I had six posts when I looked back and I convinced myself that all of the people thought I was cheating. LOL!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your arm pain, that just stinks! Feel better! The cards you posted are FUN and FABULOUS! Love your shoe filled with flowers, it's gorgeous! Be well!

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  5. Fabulous selection of card designs.

    Hugs diane

  6. I'm sure your swap partners will love these. Great variety! Hope your arm gets better soon. :-)


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