Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We are Blessed by His Love

What fun I had today!  I had seen a napkin background technique, and thought that even though I did not have the double-sided adhesive paper that was used, I did have big label paper which was sticky on one side so.. I gave it a try.

First you separate the napkin down to one layer.  Then you stick that onto the sticky paper right side up.  You use Versamark all over the napkin.  Make sure to get Versamark on every inch of napkin so that the next step is successful.  After the napkin is covered with Versamark you sprinkle on Sticky Embossing Powder, a special medium that allows you to stick glitter to the paper.  Once sprinkled with the sticky powder you heat emboss it until it is melted.  Then you quickly sprinkle fine glitter onto the entire surface.  Voila!

It comes out so beautiful and the glitter is really stuck!  From there I proceeded to use my new poinsettia die from GinaK. Seriously.. what fun!  I used a fir branch die under the poinsettia.  The sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp.  I LOVE this card!

I wanted to add the video where I first saw this napkin technique. 


  1. GORGEOUS! I just did this technique too, probably watched the very same video! They come out sooooo sparkly! Love your images, so pretty!

    1. Oh and hope you don't mind, you inspired me to Post this: http://craftingbytheseashore.blogspot.com/2014/11/happy-thanksgiving-again.html

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am going to have to try this technique. Your card looks amazing! Thanks for the instructions and inspiration!


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