Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Today's online card classe theme is; watercoloring.  I have mentioned about a hundred times how much I admire Kristina Werner's work, so I am starting out with the card that she taught.  The piece is done on watercolor paper, sentiment (Raisin Boat) stamped and embossed first with snow white powder.  Then I tried setting up stamps on my Fiskars stamp press but I have so many stamps that just do not stick.  I need to research this about polymer stamps, how to make them sticky again.  My big red rubber snowflake from GinaK is the most reliable!

I used my little $4.99 watercolor set from Michael's and after taping down my watercolor paper and wetting it,  I started in the center with the lightest color.  Kristina used black around the edges and I used dark blue.

I added stickles because I am addicted to it and trimmed the piece down as water and paint leaked under the tape, so there was no clean white trim, which I love!

So, while my youngest son was undergoing weight loss surgery, I kept my mind off the worry with my card.  Please keep Josh in your prayers as he recovers and begins his journey to a healthy body.


  1. Prayers lifted.
    I am so glad that today's awesome class gave you something to concentrate on.
    Best wishes to your son.

  2. Oh...meant to tell you your card is very pretty too! :D

  3. Very nice job, I like your color choices!

  4. Best wishes for your son... And the card is wonderful.

  5. This is a beautiful card! I love the colors your used behind the beautiful snowflakes! The stickles you added are perfect! And I love the faux stitching on your card base.

    Your son is in my prayers.

  6. Hope your son is doing okay! Your card is lovely and it looks like you are learning a lot at this online card class! I have never taken one!


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