Saturday, November 22, 2014

A CASE of Sorts

                                     Video by Shery Russ
This morning I had the opportunity to spend some time strolling through the internet looking at people's blogs.  One that I came across was, Shery Russ and she had made this awesome looking card with a stencil and sleigh stamp.  I did not have the same stamp or stencil but I thought I could come up with something similar using a Memory Box stencil and an old wooden rubber stamp.

For the first time since my eye disease diagnosis I had trouble distinguishing colors today.  I thought I was using a black pen and it was dark green and I thought I stamped in black and it was blue.  Scares me a bit to be honest but I have thought of some ways to help myself; take my time, read the labels, buy some paper and keep it in bags with the color label and also add the scrap to the bag so I can find them.  Hopefully, I won't need to rely on that totally.

Let's just say it was not a great eyesight day but I was able to make three cards so.. it was a great day all in all!


  1. Beautiful card! Sorry to read about your eye disease. Hope it's a slow progession.

  2. Fabulous inking :) u did an amazing job !

  3. Very pretty. Sorry to hear you were having eye problems today. It would scare me, too. You came up with good ways to work around it.


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