Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 8 of Stretch Your Stamps 2 was all about bold graphic stamps.  I have no bold graphic stamps, except for two cats and a tiny heart.  All of my bold stamps are at my other house and so... I made do.  I realize that the reason I did not pack up my bold stamps is because I have always hated them!  Grrr!  I could never get the ink to fully cover the image and it was always blotchy.  I don't seem to have the inks that start out blotchy and dry smooth.   But today or yesterday in class I learned something very important... I can re-stamp over the already inked image if I use my stamp positioner. What a revelation!  I tried it with all of my dye inks and it works like a charm.  I have to go back to class and thank the person who mentioned that technique because it really made all of the difference.  I LOVE these classes.. Online Card Classes


  1. This card is just super. could you please tell me where you got the cat stamp and the saying from, please!!!!! Sorcio and Pestifera would also like to know where the stamps are from and have authorized me to buy them. They said they could not agree more with the saying. THANKS

  2. Oh dear! The cat stamp, there are a large and small, were something I found on ebay a few years ago and the sentiment is from a company called Stamp Cabana and they might be out of business. I am afraid I have so many old stamps. I try to buy new ones but I keep reaching for the old ones I love.


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