Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank God for easy foods like Barber chicken and instant mashed potato... it makes dinner easy and Betty likes it.  She eats so much when she is here but like a bird in a restaurant.  Habits die hard and she built that into her narrative years ago so that she looked like she hardly ate a thing.  I wish we could get her to have more veggies when we are not there but summer comes soon enough.

I am suffering from some stomach thing... either my acid reflux is worse or the hiatal hernia is worse or BOTH.  I had such pain today I told Bob I was afraid it was my heart.  That is not a good plan because then he gets mad, his reaction to fear, and I get worse because now I have made him mad.  I actually rushed home so I could have my heart attack at home.  LOL!  Really what is happening is stress.  TOTAL STRESS!  I can't sleep at night between the pain and the stomach and the worry.  I toss and turn and even though I listen to podcasts I lay awake filled with anxiety.  There is nothing I am going to accomplish by this; Betty will be Betty, money will be money, my pain is my pain, my fat is my fat and no amount of worry changes anything!  So, KNOCK IT OFF!

Well, I am off to bed with high hopes of sleep.  There really isn't anything I can take for the pain so I will just hope for a good night.  

I will go to sleep dreaming of making a quilt like this one.  I think sleeping under this quilt would give me sweet dreams!


  1. Thinking of you and hoping your feeling better! I sure can relate to your feelings of worry and anxiety....and...everything always seems to magnify at night.

  2. I sure hope you get feeling better. It makes me feel kind of bad for leaving this message, but I have been leaving comments and emails with people who follow my blog to tell them about the recent URL change and you were next on my list. Its ... in case you ever want to visit again. It sounds like you have your hands full right here though! Feel better.

  3. It seems that every worry becomes bigger in the night time. You certainly have a lot on your platter (not a plate--yours is a platter).


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