Thursday, September 2, 2010

Behind Door Number One

Due to some change of plans we are picking Betty up late this afternoon rather than tomorrow afternoon.  The so-called rest time is cut short and I already feel a bit miffed.  This is not rational miffidness...LOL!   It is silly and self-centered and selfish.  Too bad!  I feel it.  I am miffed.  LOL that off my chest.  I went to the store to get the food that I need for the long week-end.  Why I make a big deal about having Betty food is byond me.  She doesn't remember that we had hot dogs and beans two weeks ago.  Those were the old days.  Now she has no memory of last week..ALL IS NEW. 

So, unlike Price is Right I can offer Betty, Door number one, with hot dogs and Beans or Door number two, with Beans and Hot Dogs, or Door number Three with...Hot Dogs and Beans and she will be perfectly happy with it.   She really has been easier to feed since this memory issue got worse.  In the past she spent time at every meal explaining, same story over again, that she cooked this and that and worked and good meal on the table and....    Now it is not so much pressure.  A good thing.

Trust me I still give her choices...especially for lunch because she still makes sure, through the "Dick asks me what I want," story, that she has choice.  Still managing.  So am I.  We work it all out. 

I like that there are clear days between the muddle fuddle.  It feels less worrisome and it feels lighter. 

So, why should I not Labor on Labor Day week-end?  On with the show!  What did I say was behind door number one?

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