Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Resting

I have come to cherish the hours of rest we get when Betty is not here with us.  How is it possible that we can tire so quickly?  It is not as though we are "old" but boy I get tired out fast.  The incessant repeated questions, being on the ball so as to "say the right thing in the right way,"  keeping track of  refilling my medicines and hers, being quiet so that she can sleep until at least 9:30 and choosing foods that she can chew without complaint.  All of this is draining for me.

Since dropping her off at her niece's house on Thursday I have felt a slow rejuvenation and a lifting of spirit.  It isn't that I don't want Betty here, it is that I want to have the strength and fortitude to have her here in peace.  Less arguments is a "good thing."  Two grown people acting like two year old spoiled children would be the way I describe us when we are tired.  Our expectations become HUGE and we seem to forget that Betty is still Betty, only different.

We have two and a half more days before we pick Betty up for another stay with us.  Time to vacuum and wash her sheets.  Time to prepare menu's that are appropriate for Betty.  Time to watch some of our recorded Glenn Beck shows so that we can truly listen.  Time to let the cat sleep on the couch.  Time to just sit quietly together, no questions asked. 

Time to rest. 

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  1. Mary, I so understand what you are saying. Lately though it seems like time away is not enough as it only makes me want more time way. Thanks for visiting Chrissy"s blog. The scripture that came to mind this morning is Galations 6:9 "For let us not become weary of doing good for in the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."


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