Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last night while talking to my son I suggested he start a blog.  I have kept a journal for many years and have most of them still...except for the one my mother threw away from my teen years.  Gosh I wish I had that one! LOL  (Maybe not so much)

It is so beneficial to be able to go back to my struggles up hill and down and read where I was and what I was thinking.  I realize as I write about our struggles with Bob's mom that I am putting myself "out there" and I hope that by writing it all down I am able to help myself and maybe help others with their journey.

I have collected books about writing and journaling for years.  Some of my favorites are;  
Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Creative Wildfire: An Introduction to Art Journaling - Basics and Beyond
Writing to Save Your Life: How to Honor Your Story Through Journaling
Journal Sparks 2: 300 More Questions To Journal About

And then there is my favorite Diarist, May Sarton.  When I read A Journal of Solitude for the first of many times, I felt a sense of peace flow over me as Ms. Sarton talked about her need to spend time alone.

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