Sunday, March 9, 2008

I once again realized that I have let the blog just sit without posting. I am under a lot of stress this month...the "impartial" doctor appointment is this Wednesday. Mind you I already know the end result. I saw this exact same doctor in 2003 and his report read like a detective not a doctor. He practically said I was not hurt. could he possibly back off of that statement? This is the only doctor report that the court has to accept so I have little hope that they will conclude that I am disabled from the injury. This is when I get overwhelmed with the hard core facts..I am screwed because I got injured at work.

Been listening to William F. Buckley Jrs. autobiography. He is reading it so that is an added benefit. I love listening to his words and how these $10.00 words just flow out of his mouth. It is an education! From others you would have to think pretentious but from him...he LOVED words like I love chocolate. He feasted on words ... like I feast on chocolate. That might be why he was slender and I am....NOT!

These primaries are driving me crazy. Seriously what on earth is wrong with these candidates and WHAT is wrong with the American people that they do not question this barage of crap being thrown at, business. For Obama to say that the workers on Wall Street are making all this money and the "little guy" makes nothing is just absurd. Hello? What about Hollywood stars? What about Sports stars? Do you mention them Mr. Obama? No! You want the people to think that BIG BUSINESS is BAD and yet who pays for the little guy's salary? When the "Big Business" pulls out and sends his company to another country you are mad at them. When they stay you are mad at them. Hello? Give me a break. If you are going to point out the inequality of the pay scale...let's be REAL.

Further...Michelle let me give you a heads up. Shhhhh!

I am asking for prayer today for Aunt Ellie, Cheryl, and Russell.

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