Monday, February 18, 2008


Sweets may kill me. Honestly I am addicted and I am thinking that they do me in. I just ate a fudgecicle, a handful of chocolate chips, and 8 tiny Necco candy hearts. Serious buzz going on. Other than addiction why would I be eating this crap? I do have some brains left but God knows I hardly use them.

Good news for Bob...they might offer early retirement packages. If he is home during the VISIT I will be so darn happy. I will not elaborate but it serves as a reminder for me.

Chris called me and is getting ready to straighten out the car. That is GREAT! He also has another infection in his worries me so much. He is a doll!

He was cute a little guy and he is cute now! I need to scan the pic I have of him with his blue eyes...

Today is President's Day. I need to look up on the net to find out if it celebrates all presidents or just the two whose birthdays they consolidated? Anything for a Monday off...

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