Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deconditioning is Easy

I cannot believe how easy it is for your body to just fall by the wayside. I stopped my regular walking on the treadmill when my Achilles' heel started hurting again, back in October. I was doing really well and then STOPPED. On Sunday I did a 15 minute inddor walk with my Leslie Sansone tape, which has always been pretty easy for me. When I woke up Monday I was having a lot of back pain (over and above the normal) and then by Tuesday the pain was awful. I was having terrible spasms down the left leg and low back left side and hip. By the time I went to bed the spasms were HORRID! Now this morning the right side is also spasming and I have a new HIGH number for my pain scale.
This is really all because my body has deconditioned. I vow, right now, to NOT give up. I am going to continue to walk no matter what. I am on ice now and will do five minutes a day instead of 15. I KNOW I can do it!!!!!

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