Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saints of God

I am back and I wanted to talk about Christmas but first..the Holy Spirit is calling me to All Saints Day... (yes, it is past, so?)
I picked up my mom's copies of the Church Cookbook from the shelf and felt this connection to the past and to some of the Saint's of God who have been in my life. I looked through and I see so many names of these awesome women who were so very important in my life. Some have gone to be with the Lord. I imagine them sitting at a long table much like they did at church, sharing stories and recipes.
Saints of God...

Frances Gray, Circle 13, Grace Van Tassel, Ann Champion, Connie Holt, Louise Stockelburg, Flo Mode, Phyl Fahey, Elsie Sarkisian, Jinny Nygaard, Anne Greim, Kay Mohler, Helen McRobert, Louise Richards, Wilam Cullen, Mary Bishop, Dot Melanson, Sally Scammon, Ruth Hirtle, Ginny Wright, Agnes Atkinson, Agnes Morrice, Laura.

Their recipes still cook on my stove, bake in my oven, warm my heart. Their love and acceptance and caring ways will stay with me forever.

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