Monday, October 1, 2007

A New Month

I looked out this morning and the leaves are not changing here in my yard...but along the road you see patches of reds, yellows and orange. I love autumn! I love the weather getting cooler and the colors. I like it when the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the trees just are afire with God's beautiful handiwork. Fall affirms my belief that this all can be no accident.

I wish I could go up to Franconia, NH and take in all of autumn's splendor. It has been two years since my last visit and I do miss the tranquility and beauty of the mountain's and the slowed down pace. I want to see a moose again. Polly's Pancakes, the Kancamangus Highway, the mountain views....I want to go now!!!!!

Back to the real world. Plumber is supposed to come today to install a new disposer and kitchen faucet. Might be nice if they called to confirm. Better get out my life savings I suppose. One thing I would never do, even when healthy, was plumbing. They deserve $90 and hour! LOL ICK!

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